Announcing From the Field! From the Field is Springboard for the Arts’ new virtual conversation series that brings together artists who are reimagining the future of rural America. These artist-to-artist talks will explore rural-specific topics such as COVID response and recovery, equity and justice, food systems and agriculture, and more, through the lens of rural artists, culture bearers and makers.

In a time when rural communities are undergoing many transitions that require bold creativity and a multitude of perspectives, this series will help artists, culture workers and other rural practitioners connect and exchange ideas about creative community leadership, while creating an archive of the important questions (and possible answers) that will lead to more resilient, equitable and vibrant rural communities.

This series is an extension of Springboard for the Arts’ Rural Arts and Culture Summit, which is a biennial gathering of rural artists and practitioners.

The first two From the Field conversations will be:

Imagining the future of artists as economic developers
Friday, November 13, 1pm CST
A conversation with Em Johnson and Jack Forinash from Blue Sky Center (Cuyama, CA), hosted by Drew Digby from Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (Duluth, MN).

Imagining the future of being a good relative
Friday, December 11, 1pm CST
A conversation with Peter Strong and Mary Bordeaux from Racing Magpie (Rapid City, SD), hosted by Ashley Hanson from the Department of Public Transformation (Granite Falls, MN).

The world has changed drastically since we gathered for the Rural Arts and Culture Summit last October, and we know many rural artists and arts organizations need support and connection right now.

To help you stay connected to your rural arts colleagues, we are launching a Rural Arts Recovery Network – a series of virtual meet ups and workshops exploring the ways rural artists, arts organizations, and their communities are responding to the COVID crisis and addressing recovery efforts.

Please stay tuned for upcoming events.

What do you need?
What do you want to share?

Do you have a suggestion or idea for a future topic for the Rural Arts Recovery Network, or a resource you’d like to share with your rural arts colleagues? Please let us know.