Corbin LaMont

Participatory Designer, Creative Director & Social Practice Artist (Corvallis, Oregon)

Session: The After Hours Hours (or why my bar tab is a valid expense for reimbursement) Friday, 3:45 – 5:00 pm

Corbin LaMont is a participatory designer, creative director and social practice artist who creates unique methods of community engagement as a way of connecting people to their places.  With a background in design education and systems thinking, she takes on different roles to make publications, site specific works, and moments of introspection. She founded her studio, Office of Virtue, in 2012 with the belief that behind everything there is a truth, a merit, a fundamental worth. Her client based work develops visual communication for everyone from international brands and agencies to independent entrepreneurs. In the last two years she has published thirteen issues of The Changing Times, a newspaper from many places that accumulates her practice into a co-created print piece with her community of research.