Spence Kroll

Architect (Portland, Oregon)

Session: The After Hours Hours (or why my bar tab is a valid expense for reimbursement) Friday, 3:45 – 5:00 pm

Spence Kroll is an architect based in Portland, Oregon, where he has worked in the design-build industry for several years. Spence heads Bowline Studio, a practice that focuses on thoughtfully-scaled live and work spaces, utilitarian installations, and functional landscape design. This manifests itself in projects that range from new single family residences, additions, remodels, A.D.U.’s and small commercial tenant improvement work. With these types of projects, Spence is able to focus on details that set a precedent of clean pragmatism, material resourcefulness and design affordability.

Spence is inspired by latent energies, minimal construction footprints and the elimination of lawns. He believes in front porches, wild gardens, and not going to bed angry. Spence and his husband live in the Columbia Slough Wetlands with their dog Bruce.