Shel Neymark


Session: New Voices/New Futures (Saturday, 10:45am – 12:30pm)

Born and raised near Oak Park, Illinois, as a teenager I often rode my bike to see and sketch the many Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the area. I majored in ceramics in art school at Washington University in St. Louis. I graduated in 1974 and began work as a full time artist. I have lived in Northern New Mexico since 1976.

I make commissioned work for indoor and outdoor spaces, sculpture, lighting, pottery, tiles and murals. I’ve done commissions throughout the country, including several large public pieces in New Mexico. My primary media are clay and glass. I also use wood, steel, ferro-cement and other media depending on the needs of each piece.

I’m presently making sculptural pieces that explore ideas about the human brain and a series of interactive work activated by things including participants’ heartbeats and brain waves.

In addition to making art, I advocate for rural libraries statewide. I’m a long time board member at our local library. I play jazz violin and am an avid hiker. I find inspiration on my daily walk along the Rio Grande where I live.